Yom Hashoah

Yom HaShoah

Not even a whirlwind
Could un-light this memorial
Lists of lists of lists of lists of lists of lists 
Names on a roster
Names on a wall
Names in the notebook
Read one by one
Their place of birth 
Their age, if known

Their mothers and fathers
who named them 
who cherished their 
ever being

Their names slip from the list
to my lips and they are the flame
the uprising
the hope
of the forgotten

Not even a whirlwind cyclone of 
hate sprayed
fear epidemics
could un-light these flames

Lists of lists of names of names
They were two, just walking
They were fourteen and alive
They were you
They were us
They were three, full of language
They were six, reading books
They were babies in arms
They were ten, all in giggles
They were eight. 
They were eight, 
like my son

A light for these children
A light for these mothers
A light for these fathers
A light for the unnamed
A light for the grievers
A light for survivors
A light for the saviors
A light for the haters and healers and uprisers
A light for the life we all might have known

Had these children grown 
and delighted our senses

Would I have been born
My family tree broken
With hidings and lyings 
and ship born disguises
 if not for the failure
to eradicate all?
We are immigrants, 

Could I announce them now? 
Announcing and pronouncing them
lists of lists of lists of lists of names and names
I could read them and say them
Announcing diplomas
Merit deserved
A spotlight on stage
A marriage vow
A piano recital
A honorary guest at our table 
A whirlwind can never blow out
this light. 

S. R. L. 5/02/19

Original Chameleons -Inspired by Jaki Shelton Green and “Color of Reality” by Alexa Meade, Jon Boogz, and Lil Buck

We were the original
and who
will take our place?

Get back up
You fool
To lie here while
Your mother weeps

Look now.
Do not give in to the
Typical Outcome.

Get back up
and remind that
little girl on a bike
that passer-by
that by-stander
they just missed their chance
To Awaken their Spirit.

Do you think
their own trauma
Keeps them Blind?

You’d had enough,
didn’t you?
What was left unsaid?

Who will call her now
and tell her
You’re Gone
and she can give up
the Waiting.

Look over there
on the other side of that mountain.
Can’t you see her
face in the window
imagining the Euphoria
of your

Get up and tell her
She will never know
What happened to

Those people.

Those people.

Get up now
See the disguise
that was unnecessary
Your hiding place
Your Take a Stand
You’re fed up with-

Get UP!

You lay there to bleed
They need your story
They need that courage
To show how taken and
Stolen, your talent
Your Birthright Potential

Wipe the stains
Off your hands.
Get up now
and join her at the window.

This was never and always
the way you came home.

This was never and always
the way you came home.

© Samantha Lazar2019