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Photo by Samantha Lazar

One evening when I’d had enough,

And off my chest just flew this stuff.

I looked my love right in the eye

I said, “let’s give something a try —

Turn off the news, I’ll tell you why

All this division makes me cry.

What if they all are numb to pain?

It won’t be easy to retrain.

Have you set foot across the lane?”

“Across the aisle, they say. Insane!

No way will I go to their side,

For that is where hearts all have died.”

“Come on,” I said, “let’s take a ride.

Let’s walk the walk- no time to hide.

Their blood still drips in the same hue,

no less human than me and you.”

“There’s no way, what you say is true

But go on over; you do you —

I’d rather stay in this cocoon.

Have fun with that, I’ll see you soon.”

“How will you ever hear my tune?

Don’t we all glow with the same moon?”

“If I go, I’ll stir up trouble.”

“Well,” I said, “I dare you double.

We’ll hike across the dirt and rubble,

If just to prove we popped our bubble.

And reach our minds beyond the hate —

It’s fear disguised, an ugly trait.”

“If only they’d unlatch that gate.”

“We’ll see that it is not too late

To start at last to understand —

We all like mountains and the sand.

And how we all can heal the land.

It never was about the brand,

And our precious time is fleeting.”

“I’m sure we’ll set up a meeting

Talk about all the mistreating,

Lists of lies, and wins from cheating.”

“Hurry now; we’ll miss the train.

Take their hands and form a chain.

Head to the clouds to feel the rain —

We made this mess; we left a stain.”

And through the woods of all lost hope,

Found in ourselves a place to cope.

To common ground we threw a rope.

and rose above the slippery slope.

“Together we will all awaken.

Fix what’s shared, before it’s taken.”

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