Has Anyone Worked With Readers Magnet?

Crowdsourcing for others’ experiences

Image by Melissa G from Pixabay

I did a thing. I was called a few times by an agency- Readers Magnet. They are a relatively new company that works with indie authors, and they asked to work with me on my newest collection.

Readers Magnet pays readers to find books to promote through their events, such as the upcoming Library Learning Experience in New Orleans. This is a big event! Put on by the American Library Association, it features Ibram X. Kendi, Nic Stone, and Ani DiFranco, to name a few!

I wish I could go! But guess what? My little new collection of darker poems and short stories, Soon We’re All Gone to Seed, is going! I am not great at marketing myself (Is any artist?), so I went ahead and hired Readers Magnet to market my book.

I have sold a dozen, or so, copies since its arrival in October, but it has yet to receive any reviews. Side note: if you are one of those lucky twelve, please write an Amazon review. Thank you!

Has anyone else listed their independent books or otherwise with Readers Magnet? What was your experience?

Like the dandelion on the cover of my book, I let the seeds go with the wind. Where they land is anyone’s guess.

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Samantha Lazar 2023

New Year Writing

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Happy New Year, subscribers! Here is one thing I’ve been working on.

If you enjoy a bit of magic and chance in your writing, I suggest this writing exercise, introduced to me by poet Josh Lonsdale.

Create a piece by writing 10 random questions on slips of paper. Then fold them up and put them away for a week, forgetting all about them. Then write 10 random answers on slips of paper. Then pick, at random, pairs of questions and answers.

This is the second time I have tried it. Out came this piece:

Trance Stack of Mix and Match

(friend link).