The Risk to Love

A Poem

Photo by Toufic Mobarak on Unsplash

the games we played
the dance we stepped
the deepened laughs we

the oceans’ crests
the candles’ lights
the days we lived with

the pain we numbed
the hope embraced
the fear we gave a 

the poison’s blood
the marrow’s gold
the chance we chose to

the lovers’ risks
the mothers’ eyes
the dreams wish to be

the choice to love
the life to lose
the spark will never

© Samantha Lazar 2019

Author’s note: This is the beginning of my thoughts on this. Yesterday, the world lost another beautiful person to cancer. I will miss my friend Grace, who was a shining light to so many people. She had the most courage and strength of anyone I have ever known. And as a former teacher of both her children, I will stand protector of them, even if from afar, forever.

Hold (for Jayna)

Out of the woods
We told each other
We’d tangle our story
And weave these swollen
Vessels and tresses
Into the folds of our love
And the blood of my
Mood pulses through
Your drowning days
Entwined as lovers
First out of the water
Entranced by the cold
Fire we created
Our child grown
Years between those
Promises still kept
And here we stand
At the face of the forest
Still holding your hand
Daring each other
To let go