Writing Services by Samantha Lazar

Samantha has taught students of all ages since 1998, but her passion is connecting with people about writing.

She is now accepting new clients. Prices vary. Get in touch to get a quote.

Writing Services:

– Tutor for ages 8-adult
– Writing Enrichment Educator for blossoming authors
– Project Editor and Writing Coach
– Poet, Author, Content Creator


I’ve always loved writing, but Mrs. Lazar was the person who helped me take that love and transform it into real talent. Before I met Mrs. Lazar, writing was just a casual hobby for me – something I would do for school or when I was really bored. I liked to create new worlds and characters and write short stories about them or write stories based on existing books I had read. But as I grew older, my interest in writing grew stronger, and I started writing more frequently. My mom noticed this and asked if I wanted to take writing classes. I agreed, and a few years ago, I met Mrs. Lazar for the first time. Since that moment, my writing skill has progressed further than I could ever have imagined. Mrs. Lazar showed me there was more to writing than just short stories for school or little fantasy stories. She led me through fun exercises and games. We created worlds and characters, wrote short stories, wrote persuasive essays, played word games, learned about parts of speech, wrote about emotions, and so much more. She improved my existing strengths, helped develop my weaknesses, and expanded my horizons. At that time, I was working on a fantasy story by myself. It was about 10 chapters long, and I dreamed of turning it into a book one day. I asked for help with it, and Mrs. Lazar gladly agreed. She helped me move on when I got stuck, gave me plot ideas when I had writer’s block, pointed out mistakes and plot holes, and suggested adding or removing parts. Slowly but surely, I completed the story and transformed it into my very own published book with 25 chapters, A Dream of Magic! (Go check it out on Amazon!) Without her help, encouragement, and support, I’m sure that my book wouldn’t have been published or at least wouldn’t have been as good as it was today. Mrs. Lazar is truly an amazing writing teacher. Each class, she lets me decide what I want to do. I can do an exercise or game with her, work on a story or essay for school, or just talk about writing in general. No matter what I choose, she helps me get something out of it and enjoy it. Mrs. Lazar has helped me so much throughout my life. My writing journey would never have been the same without her. Thank you so much for everything, Mrs. Lazar. 

Claire Z